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Company NameEBL
Phone Number(815) 637 2969

Are you interested in zip lines? If so, you have found us and come to the right place! In the growing industry of canopy zip line tours, EBL is the premier installer of canopy tours (based in tree tops) in the United States and the first to install Zip Line Tours (based from ground-to-ground points). We have the operational and installation experience to achieve your business goals.

Maintaining the safety and comfort of all customers is our number 1 priority. Many tour concerns may be minimized through proper planning of course operation procedures. A professional attitude toward customer well-being will ensure a long history of positive client experiences.

Our courses are engineered for safety! EBL has developed custom harnesses, pulleys, and safety lanyards in conjunction with an ISO-9001 registered company. All lanyards, pulleys, and carabiners are selected and designed specifically for their industrial use and operation with zip line ecology tours.


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