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EDGIE Designs

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Company NameEDGIE Designs
Web Address edgiedesigns.com
Phone Number615 536 5623


EDGIE Designs builds you up! EDGIE Designs provides Installation, Maintenance and Repair, Inspection and Design services for Challenge Courses and Zip Lines. EDGIE Designs also provides a full range of Certification Training with open enrollment classes in the Spring and the Fall. EDGIE Designs can also send a trainer to your facility for Site Specific Training on your course for your staff. EDGIE Designs can design a course for any size facility and help plan for your future challenge course needs. EDGIE Designs has several course designs that can be customized to fit specific landscapes and program needs. EDGIE Designs supplies all your gear needs as well, including auto belay systems, zip braking technology, harnesses, helmets, trolleys, pulleys, tethers, carabiners, access prevention hand holds, and warning signs. EDGIE Designs serves all of the US. Contact us today to begin your adventure. Leave the EDGE!



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